I have zero interest in football. Unless I'm playing it. I can get into that. Normally I can afford to ignore the hours-long couchfest on Sundays, Mondays, and... Thursdays? But not the Super Bowl. Even though all of the commercials are now teased before and overanalyzed after, it still feels necessary to watch everything live. Maybe so I can keep up with the live tweeting? Maybe so I can have anything to contribute in the aforementioned hours-long couchfest? Whatever, bottom line is, I'll be watching. 

Know what else I'll be doing? (Besides Pinterest.) Stuffing my face. I started the day with reheated fried rice mixed with oxtail and bone marrow – leftovers from Colin's birthday. Wonderful hangover remedy. Tonight I'll feast on some sort of delicious pork dish made by Tory and Monica. Emphasis on delicious – nomnomnom. Colin and I figured we should contribute, so we made excessive amounts of sugary treats. Lemon sugar cookies and brownies. Don't mind if I do. 

Some photos to prove that I do occasionally use our kitchen for more than eating. 






Not shown: some chocolate extras on top of the cookies.