My newfound love for luxury malls.

16 hours is a long time to be in a confined space. Even when you watch Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, Anna Karenina, five episodes of Downton Abbey, and nearly all of As Good As It Gets, with around five hours of uncomfortable sleep. Luckily the airport was incredibly efficient, allowed us to zip through lines and quickly figure out taxi lines to arrive at our home for the next 9 days. So far, Hong Kong has been worth the journey.

Once we got into our room, our new friend Henry (the bell hop) asked us if we wanted some tips. Sure! 'You like steak?' he asked. Of course. 'Oh! Then you must go to Outback Steakhouse. You may be familiar with it from America. It's very good. Much better than local steak.' We nodded politely at our new friend telling us to go to an American chain restaurant in Hong Kong. 'You like shopping?' Henry continued. Indeed! 'Well you should check out A&F and Hollister. Hollister has very nice trousers.' He stood there rambling on for about seven minutes about the Broadway standards that we could find in Hong Kong. Incredibly sweet, but not very helpful.


Colin insisted that we keep moving and not go to sleep until 10:30 (our normal bedtime). We started with massages to shed some airplane tension before dinner. Our hotel sits atop a luxury mall, as is true for many Hong Kong hotels and high rise buildings, so we wandered down to stretch our legs and avoid the unfavorable weather outside. I hate American malls with a passion. Gross people bumping shoulders in gross surroundings. This was the opposite. Clean lines and tasteful displays that made me want to actually take photos. We waved hi to Prada, Versace, Chloe, and the like until we found a book store in the corner. Funny cards and gorgeous design books – yes plz!

Center display in the mall: Glass piano and bright outfits.

Ok, time for dinner. Where to go? We swiped through the giant-iPad-esque maps that provided incredibly specific directions just to go two floors down and to the right.


We chose Roka, a sleek Japanese restaurant with a beautiful oak sushi bar. Our meal was delicious! Steamed spinach in sesame sauce, pork dumplings, spicy edamame, lamb, and beef and asparagus skewers, accompanied by Kirin and some relatively tasty $20USD sake. I've never been so satisfied without indigestion in a mall.


One more round of drinks (Manhattans, of course) and then back to the room for Advil PM and a bed like a cloud.


We'll see how long these updates last...!

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