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I'm not a HUGE Valentine's Day girl. All I really want is a funny card, probably from Paper Source. Any brand that centers ALL of their marketing/content on Valentine's Day for February 14 gets on my nerves a little bit. What about all of the people who hate it? Or just want through a break up and want you to STFU about hearts and kisses?

Svpply sends out emails that reveal uncovered goodies their users are 'wanting,' and I especially enjoyed how they approached the Valentine's Day edition of this. The email didn't say anything about love or hearts or the name of the holiday anywhere. Instead, the copy-driven messaging carried on as usual, but the curation of products was certainly Valentine's Day themed, in that it was all red.


The product selection wasn't stereotypical feminine crap. It was a lovely mix of practical products that people want on days other than Valentine's Day: medicine storage box, scarf, soap. Sure, there were hearts and unmentionables sprinkled in, but it was a fairly well rounded selection with a color theme. Simple as that. 

Hey, if I got a chair for Valentine's Day, I'd be THRILLED. 

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