I probably should have just waited until Lifehacker transitioned over to Kinja but...I couldn't wait. Evernote CEO Phil Libin gave this bit of advice in his How I Work response:

My best life hack is actually the opposite of a shortcut and certainly doesn't save any time. It's pretty awesome, though, and makes me much happier and more productive in the long run: I don't work on airplanes. I sleep, I play Minecraft, I read (non-work stuff), I watch movies, I daydream. I don't work. It's great. Makes me look forward to that 13 hour flight to Japan! I work at every other time, though. Sure, I lose some productivity on airplanes, but getting rid of all the pre-flight dread more than makes up for it.


I contemplated sifting through the plethora of emails that have undoubtedly sent me over gmail's storage quota. After reading this, I think I'll take advantage of that last 16 hours of being unplugged and watch some more crappy movies. Thanks, Phil.

Truth be told, on my flight down to Austin I spent the majority of my unplugged time logging ideas in Evernote.

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