Everlane shows you how they make the Perfect Tee.

We all know that people are inherently interested in process-driven content. Seeing how things are made and getting that behind the scenes glimpse somehow makes you feel like an insider. Everlane did this very elegantly with a magazine-style approach – short editorialized text on revealing imagery.

This background lens is often done with video now, which might sometimes allow people to feel like they're experiencing more of the process, but is definitely more expensive. Everlane's clothing is moderately priced – ok, sometimes it veers into the J. Crew $$ realm – but they've always been incredibly up front about how their manufacturing process works. The whole point of their operation is to streamline that process.


The simplified approach to showing how they do what they do is reflection of their process, as well. Whenever a brand makes every move to extend their central purpose, it gives them a million more points in my book of favorites.

The best part is that they don't try to over-glamorize it. It's an honest look at their factory operations, revealing the conditions they facilitate and the people behind every stitch.

Full disclosure: I was already a fan.

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